Is Salman Khan gay?

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Salman Khan’s affairs are well known and popular. He dated many women from Indian film industry. His most recent break up was with Katrina Kaif.

Personally I feel that these affairs are made up affairs, for example affair of John Abraham and Bipasha Basu was very well publicized but see what happened in the end, they broke up and John Abraham married his real girl friend Priya Runchal. That implies that there was no real affair between John and Bipasha, they were together just for publicity.

Similarly Salman Khan has been linked with many women for publicity. There is no real relation between him and his women.

Women in Salman Khan’s life have been changing constantly but one thing to notice is that Men in his life have been constant, be it his bodyguard or be it the Airportee Jallad from Bigg Boss. So his relationship with men indicates that he could be a gay. On the Bigg Boss show he seems to be taking more interest in Airportee Jallad than the other beautiful ladies on the show who are side dancers or the beautiful woman in the air-hostess dress. Also Salman Khan not clarifying his marital status almost confirms the idea that he is definitely gay, why otherwise anyone in Indian society would hide his or her marital status.

Well Salman Khan and his family would only know the reality of his relation with men. If you like this article do not forget to hit the like button.

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