Aamir Khan learns Bhojpuri for ‘P.K.’

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By BollywoodMDB.com Team

Once, Aamir Khan made a resolution to learn something new every year. And now he is fulfilling his oath for the year 2014, by learning Bhojpuri language for his upcoming film ‘P.K.

Aamir got the sting of this North Indian language, while he was reciting dialogues for Rajkumar Hirani‘s ‘P.K.‘. This is when he decided to master in it and now he has finally hired a tutor to learn Bhojpuri.

A source close to the star informed that very often in the middle of the conversation Aamir breaks out speaking in Bhojpuri with his staff, colleagues and even with his family members. He impresses one and all with his peculiar dialect while calling out for tea and surprises while biding with words- “Phir Milab”.

We may laugh, we may get amused, but hats-off to his dedication!

Source: http://www.bollywoodmdb.com/news/aamir-khan-learns-bhojpuri-for-p-k

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