Airtel to offer 4G service – What a Joke…

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It is being reported that Airtel has become the first Indian company to offer 4G services. The Indian mobile users would be wondering 3G services are not working properly in India, how can the Indian companies offer 4G services. All those users who have tried 3G services of various Indian companies know it well that 3G is launched only on television advertisements, ground reality is different, people hardly get 3G signal even in big cities like Pune, forget about remote places where you may not even get 2G signal. Even if you get 3G signal, the speed is not as much as shown in TV ads. It is somewhat better than 2G but no where near 3 MBPS as claimed in advertisements.

It looks like Indian companies are trying to fool consumers and gain media attention by making false claims of having advanced technology. Instead of moving on to 4G services, Indian companies should focus on improving their 3G services so that consumers can enjoy it and get what they pay for. Mindlessly jumping to the latest technology available in market would not take Indian telecom industry anywhere.

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