AJIT Station Code IRCTC

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AJIT Station Code IRCTC

AJIT Station is one of the many railway stations of India.

AJIT Station Code IRCTC: AJIT.

AJIT Station is located in the state of Rajasthan. It is covered by railways. It is at an elevation of 150 m.

India has approximately 4000 train stations and India has the worlds largest railway network but its stations are the most dirty, filthy, smelly, stinky stations in the world. The main reason for stinkiness and filthiness of these stations is that Indian trains provide the facility of toilets inside train and generally when a train is waiting at a station, some of the passengers use the toilet, making the station super stinky. This has not changed since years and may not change. Indian railways needs to do something so that train passengers can’t use toilets when train is at a station. The other better option is to have a good sewer system so that excreta and urine is not thrown out on the tracks.

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AJIT Station Code data source: Wikipedia

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