AMRITA DUTTA IFS Biography 5 Steps

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AMRITA DUTTA IFS is an Indian Forest Services officer. AMRITA DUTTA IFS biography is available online. AMRITA DUTTA IFS biography can be viewed by following below 5 steps:

1.Go to
2.Enter last name or full name of ‘AMRITA DUTTA IFS’ in the Name text box
3.Enter captcha code and click ‘Detailed Report’ button
4.Click ‘Ifscode’ link
5.Complete biography of AMRITA DUTTA IFS officer would be displayed

IFS also stands for Indian Foreign Services, but AMRITA DUTTA is not a Foreign Services Officer but a Forest Services Officer. Indian Forest Services department is less known when compared to IAS and IPS but they do an important work of taking care of India’s Forest wealth.

IAS and IPS officers are daily in news but IFS officers are rarely in news. Lot of smuggling and poaching happens in forests of India. In last few years Indian government has become more stringent against poaching actvities. Hope forest officers like AMRITA DUTTA IFS are doing their positive contribution in containing poaching and smuggling activities.

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