Bigg Boss 7 Winner Chances of rioting between fans

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Bigg Boss 7 Winner

With the announcement of Bigg Boss 7 Winner few days away, the online war of comments between fans of Tanisha and Gauhar have increased. Chances are that rioting may occur on the day of final result.

Tanisha gained public sympathy when Kushal put excessive dirt and garbage in her box during one of the tasks. Gauhar had not got any sympathy but still has huge fan following. She was also termed Daadima (Grand Mother) and Teacher of the house because of her dominating nature. She thinks of herself a great judge and is always worried about fairness and unfairness in actions of others. Gauhar has been always unfair to Sangram and Andy because they were soft targets. She and Kushal never tried to meddle with Armaan and Tanisha because of Armaan’s aggressive nature.

Right now Sangram has been declared as the first finalist after he selected to take the briefcase offered by Bigg Boss. This does not mean Sangram would be the Bigg Boss 7 winner, looking at the mood of the public the Bigg Boss 7 winner would either be Gauhar or Tanisha. Sangram has also gained prominence in the eyes of public by his tasks and humble behavior. Well it is all in the hands of public they can make anyone King or Queen.

Fans of all the contestants are doing hard work online especially on the live feed page of Bigg Boss, people are requesting others to vote for their favorite contestants and swearing at others who don’t favor their contestant.

Gauhar and Ajaz are also getting considerable support from Muslims outside India which is adding a third angle to the whole equation.

We strongly condemn those who are voting the contestants based on their religion rather than their merits like behavior, conduct and effort they put in the tasks given by Bigg Boss.

Whoever would the Bigg Boss 7 winner, our best wishes with all the contestants and their fans.

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