DesiGoogly launches the first portal for Indian Road Transporation Industry

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DesiGoogly today launched the first portal for Indian Truck Transportation Industry.  The portal name is is the first online portal for transporters in India and aims to improve the efficiency of Indian Transportation industry by bringing the Truck Suppliers and Material Suppliers on the same page.

At present there are two main layers in Indian Truck Transporation Industry, the first layer is that of Transport Companies who approach various Factories, Manufacturing industries or Retail customers (Customers who want to move their household material) to secure material for transporation, hence these Transport Companies can be called as material suppliers.

The second layer is that of Truck Suppliers also called Brokers, these brokers contact various Truck Owners and make their trucks available to Transport Companies.

Many trucks are not utilized and a lot material is not transported on time because of lack of a good online portal that can connect these two layers and that is what we aim to do via

How it works for Truck Suppliers

For Truck Suppliers any truck that is not moving is a wastage of money. The more the truck moves, more the money they make. This portal allows Truck Suppliers to post details about any of their trucks that needs material for transportation. If any material supplier needs the truck, he could search for available trucks in the market via this portal. This way truck suppliers and material suppliers can connect in a better way.

This portal also allows Truck Suppliers to sell their old used trucks. Truck Suppliers can upload pictures of the trucks they want to sell.

How it works for Material Suppliers

For material suppliers timely and cost efficient delivery of material to clients is important. Material suppliers can post the material they have on this portal, truck suppliers can look for available material in the market and accordingly approach material suppliers with their offers and quotations.

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