Downfall of Greece – Greek politician behaves similar to Indian politician and beats up fellow female politician on camera

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It seems the financial crisis in Greece is having impact on the behavior of people. Greece – the birthplace of democracy, cradle of western civilization, birhtplace of olympics is changing and this change is not good. Below is a video clip which shows a Greek Male politician beating up a fellow female politician on a national television morning debate show. This very much reminds us of the Indian politicians who are used to such indignified behaviour:

In this video Ilias Kasidiaris, spokesman of Greece’s far-right Golden Dawn party, slaps Liana Kanelli, a member of the parliament for the Greek Communist Party during a talk show in Athens on Thursday

The above video brings an interesting point to the mind – the current financial crisis in the western world may be a real test of solidity of the western civilization. It is a well known fact world wide that in good times everyone wants to be your friend and behave nicely with you but bad times bring out the real character of the people. In a similar fashion the current financial crisis can bring out the real character of many European countries.

This video might be a lesson for Indian politicians who don’t care about their behavior on camera in parliament and assemblies. Many Indian politicians have behaved like autocrats. This creates such a bad image internationally about the people of the country. Below are some videos of the bad behaviors of Indian politicians:

Above video from Maharastra Legislative Assembly where politicians of one party slap another politician

Above famous video from Uttar Pradesh Assembly where politicians hurled microphones, paper balls, chairs at each other

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