FATHEENAS ZAROOK Sri Lanka Biography

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FATHEENAS ZAROOK is a doctor from Sri Lanka. FATHEENAS ZAROOK biography is available online at Sri Lanka medical council. FATHEENAS ZAROOK Qualification, FATHEENAS ZAROOK year of passing and FATHEENAS ZAROOK address are few details displayed on Sri Lanka Medical council website.

FATHEENAS ZAROOK biography can be viewed by following below steps:

1.Go to Sri Lanka Medical Council website http://www.srilankamedicalcouncil.org/registry.php
2.Select registry as ‘SEC 29’
3.Enter family name of Dr. FATHEENAS ZAROOK
4.Click Search
5.Biography of Dr. FATHEENAS ZAROOK would be displayed

Sri Lanka has more than 20,000 doctors. Dr FATHEENAS ZAROOK is one of those doctors. To be a doctor in South Asia is a matter of pride and social status. Doctors generally get lot of respect.

Sri Lanka Medical council would display registration number and registration date of Dr FATHEENAS ZAROOK. It would also display educational qualification of Dr FATHEENAS ZAROOK. Dr FATHEENAS ZAROOK could be a MBBS, MS or MD. Dr FATHEENAS ZAROOK address is also available for public viewing. Some of the doctors practicing in Sri Lanka have got their medical degrees from foreign countries like India, China, Bangladesh, etc. Sri Lanka Medical council website displays details about foreign degree of doctors. If Dr FATHEENAS ZAROOK has foreign degree that would be displayed as well.

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