Election Results Uttar Pradesh Punjab Goa Manipur Uttarakhand 2012 Assembly Polls

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Below is a schedule of vote counting dates for recently held assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Goa, Manipur and Uttarakhand.


State Vote Counting Date
Uttar Pradesh 6-March-2012 (Tuesday)
Punjab 6-March-2012 (Tuesday)
Goa 6-March-2012 (Tuesday)
Manipur 6-March-2012 (Tuesday)
Uttarakhand 6-March-2012 (Tuesday)

The vote counting was scheduled for 4-March-2012 earlier. This was rescheduled because of Barawafat Festival in UP.

The most watched of these elections would be that of Uttar Pradesh as its outcome may have considerable impact on political future of Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi has put lot of effort in UttarPradesh to strengthen position of Congress Party. Rahul had also campaigned for Bihar assembly polls in 2010 but could not make any impact.

Interesting thing about Uttar Pradesh is that there are many players involved i.e. BSP, SP, Congress, BJP. In last assembly elections BSP surprised all by gaining majority. Behenji seems to be quiet confident this time but so are others. The actual result would be known only on 6-March-2012. Ajit Singh’s party RLD’s performance would also be on watch as many feel he was made Aviation Minister to create an impact in Uttar Pradesh elections. 

In Punjab the main fight is between Shiromani Akali Dal, BJP alliance and Congress. One more player named Sanjha Morcha comprising of People’s Party of Punjab, CPI, CPI(M), Akali Dal (L) is in ring this time and its performance would be interesting to watch.

In Uttarakhand there is straight fight between BJP and Congress. BJP trying to defend its position and Congress trying to overtake it.

In Goa the competition is between Congress, NCP alliance and BJP. Here the performance of BJP would be interesting to watch as Congress and NCP are ruling the state since 2005 and BJP would be trying hard to overtake. The election results would also expose the performance of Congress and NCP in the state.

In Manipur the fight is between Congress and all others. All others include BJP, Manipur People’s Party, NCP and JDU. Congress has already ruled the state for two consecutive terms and any change would be interesting to watch.

Exit polls have been banned till 3rd March which makes the counting day more interesting and it would be one of the highly watched event of 6th March.

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