Emraan Hashmi cons assistant director for Rs 5,000

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By BollywoodMDB.com Team

It seems Emraan Hashmi has taken his ‘Raja Natwarlal‘ conman character too seriously. After selling fake ‘Kick‘ tickets outside Mumbai’s Gaiety Galaxy theatre, he recently conned Kunal Deshmukh‘s assistant director (AD), who herself was part of the film. Yet, she was disguised by Emraan’s prank.

As per the source, in a scene Emraan’s ‘Raja Natwarlal‘ character had to pull out a small con in a supermarket, for which Kunal’s assistant was given Rs 5,000 that she was meant to hand it to Emraan before the shot and then take it back. But this notorious actor disappeared with the cash, leaving the assistant director in mess.

Later, Emraan kept hold on his words saying that he has returned the money to AD, which she denied. He did not disclose this prank till the end of the day and kept straight faced. While this whole situation made everyone confuse, poor AD was reduced to tears. Finally, at the end of the day he confessed his prank and returned her the money.

Emraan’s prank diary suggests that if he wouldn’t have been an actor; he would have definitely chosen conman’s profession!

Source: http://www.bollywoodmdb.com/news/emraan-hashmi-cons-assistant-director-for-rs-5-000

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