First Look of ‘Trip To Bhangarh’ Unveils

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Rock N Rolla Films released the first look of ‘Trip to Bhangarh‘, which showcases the debutant actor Manish Chaudhary standing fiercely with his partially nude lady, Suzanna Mukherjee in his hand. Beside these two actors, the poster has the back drop of the mysterious city of Bhangarh, which is actually one of the haunted places of the world!

The film is based upon four friends, who meet each other after a long time and decide to go for a trip to the haunted city of Bhangarh in Rajasthan. During their trip they discover some strange but true facts about the city. The story moves ahead passing the twist and turns towards the breath holding climax.

Trip to Bhangarh‘ has adapted the Hitchcockian method of mcguffin that sees the movie starting and ending in a different manner, along with the explicitly shot high quality video and sound editing.

We just hope, ‘Trip to Bhangarh‘ will take horror film to the next level in India.


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