Google Devta – The Internet Diety of Modern World

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Google Devta - Internet God
Google Devta - Internet God

Google is the number one website in the world. It is the best search engine for almost a decade now.  After I launched my website, Google was the first search engine to crawl it and via Google I got most of my traffic, so I got the idea of Google Devta in my mind in line with Hindu Gods Pavan Devta (Wind God), Agni Devta (Fire God).

On thinking further I realized that giving Devta (Diety) status to Google would not be wrong. Google can very well be called Diety of Internet. Google gets billions of search queries each day and it responds back within seconds. He is much faster than the dieties who take years to answer the prayers of their devotees. For people like me who own small unknown websites, Google is the source of most of the traffic, other search engines like Bing, Yahoo do not recognize new websites. Google encourages new talent.

World Wide Web have revolutionized since the launch of Google. Google has changed the view of people towards web. In order to promote use of web, Google has even joined hands with Boingo Wirless to give free access to internet on android devices.

My humble salutations to the Great Internet God Google.

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