Is Pakistan on the footsteps of Afghanistan?

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By sheltering and supporting terrorists, Pakistan is apparently following the footsteps of Afghanistan. Pakistan has lot of similarities with the Taliban government of Afghanistan during 1996-2001, below table highlights the similarities:

Taliban Pakistan
Taliban ruled on the basis of Sharia law Pakistan is being ruled on the basis of Sharia law
Taliban destroyed economy of Afghanistan Pakistan is known to be under huge international debt
Women were ill treated publicly and the Taliban encouraged such actions Women are being ill treated publicly in Pakistan, this is evident from the oscar award winning documentary Saving Face
Taliban sheltered and supported terrorists e.g. It supported Hijackers of Indian Airlines Flight 814 in 1999 Pakistan has two faces, one face it shows as if it is fighting with terrorists and on the other hand it shelters people like Hafiz Saeed, Dawood Ibrahim, Syed Salauddin
Taliban brutally targeted minorities in Afghanistan Minorities are being targeted in Pakistan and this has increased over the years
Taliban had training camps for militants Pakistan is known to be running training camps for militants
Taliban was run by Maulvis and Fatwas Pakistan is being run by Maulvis and Fatwas

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