Narendra Modi wife Jashodaben Modi

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Narendra Modi wife Jashodaben Modi
Narendra Modi wife Jashodaben Modi

Narendra Modi wife name is Jashodaben Modi. Narendra Modi wife is from Vadnagar Mehsana Gujarat. Narendra Modi wife was born in the year 1952. Jashodaben married Narendra Modi in the year 1968.

Narendra Modi wife’s first photo surfaced when he went to file his nomination paper in Vadodara. Jashodaben Modi is a retired school teacher.

Very little information is available about Narandra Modi wife as she lives life of a common man. It is reported by certain news channels like India TV that Narendra Modi wife separated from him after around 3 years and since have been living with her parents.

There is some similarity between the two BJP leaders i.e. Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Narendra Modi. Both have maintained some distance from family life in order to serve the country.

Narendra Modi and his wife are not known to be having any children. One more similarity between Atal Bhiari Vajpayee and Narendra Modi, both have no children, although Atal Bihari had adopted a family.

Mallika Sherawat called Narendra Modi the most eligible bachelor of the country. It would be good to see an Indian Prime Minister having a hot wife like Mallika Sherawat. Many ministers and premieres from the rich and developed nations have wives that look like models, especially in rich Muslim countries. These wives of rich Muslim ministers and premieres do not follow any sharia or islamic laws and more Muslims are wanting them.

Mallika Sherawat also sang a song for Narendra Modi on his birthday.

Recently there was a RTI related news about Narendra Modi wife. It was reported that Narendra Modi wife filed a Right To Information request for her official security cover.

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