Priyanka Chopra to promote Banarasi saris and Indian handlooms

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The desi girl Priyanka Chopra has showed her love for desi outfits, as she will be reportedly promoting the Indian handlooms, Banarasi saris on international platforms. Priyanka has given a nod to it and the proposal to it is getting final touches, as revealed by the union Textile Secretary Zohra Chatterjee.

Priyanka Chopra will be doing larger branding for the Indian handloom industry and the forefront of this branding will be Banarasi silk saris, as per the report. Promoting “desi” handloom and textile industry is the main purpose of the union government. Starting a National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) is also a plan of the union government in order to get the weavers products “integrated and upgraded” with the assistance of the institute, reportedly.


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