Ricky Gervais to reprise David Brent character from ‘The Office’

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Washington, August 6 (ANI): Ricky Gervais is set to reprise his character of David Brent of the original version of the TV series ‘The Office’ in the movie ‘Life on the Road’, which will be produced by BBC Films in the U.K next year. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Gervais will be catching up with his character over a decade after ‘The Office’ ended in December 2003. BBC Films, which has not yet announced whether the film will be getting a theatrical release or will be made purely for TV, said that viewers will find out what happened to Brent in the last 15 years since his redundancy from his beloved Wernham Hogg.

Source: https://in.news.yahoo.com/ricky-gervais-reprise-david-brent-character-office-094950631.html

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