Salman Khan and Chhota Bheem to kick-off the evil together!

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Two heroes, who are most popular amongst Indian kids are Chhota Bheem and Salman Khan. One is ruling the animated world, while the former is reigning over the Bollywood. But Sajid Nadiadwala‘s ‘Kick‘ has made an extra effort to bring these two superheroes together in a short film titled ‘Bheem Aur Salman Ki Kick’.

This unique blend took place when makers of ‘Kick‘ approached POGO channel for creating a special TV presentation with Salman Khan and Chhota Bheem to promote the film, releasing this Friday.

‘Bheem Aur Salman Ki Kick’ will be aired on Sunday July 27, where Salman will show some of his antique moves with the never-seen-before episodes of Chhota Bheem. These both superheroes hold the record of fighting with the evil-odds of the society, therefore it will be exciting to see them kicking off the villains together.

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