Salman Khan & Family – The killer family of Bollywood

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Salman Khan & Family is a well known family of Bollywood. They are always in news for some reason. This time Salman’s brother Arbaaz is in news, it is said that driver of Arbaaz has killed a 70 year old woman in road accident. Media has also reported that Salman and Arbaaz Khan have been defending the driver by saying that their driver has not done any accident for last 25 years (These guys think a person is allowed to do accident after 25 years of safe driving). With this accident, Salman Khan & Family can be very well termed as the Killer Family of Bollywood, earlier Salman Khan himself and some of his relatives have been involved in road accidents (Salman Khan’s jeep killed pavement dwellers in 2002). Salman Khan was also involved in poaching of deers.

The funny thing is that on TV this family makes a lot of good show by making donations, religious activities, etc. but in reality they kill people in road accidents. This shows the double standards of this rich family, do they really have the kind of compassion they show on television?

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