Sofia Hayat ka jahari badla !!!

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Armaan’s father Rajkumar Kohli was popular for making movies about female snakes (Nagin) who would avenge death of their beloved male snake. Armaan would have never thought he would meet such Naagin in Bigg Boss house in the form of Sofia Hayat.

The way Sofia Hayat avenged mistreatment by Armaan is really dramatic. Armaan would think thousand times before messing up with a woman.

The quick action by police is also a surprise giving the feeling as if everything is arranged to get media attention. Many Bollywood actors do such stunts at the time of release of their movie.

Even if Armaan’s arrest is a media stunt, it sends a message to all those who misbehave with woman that this could happen to them as well.

Sofia Hayat’s courage is commendable. Although many justify Armaan’s behavior as Sofia Hayat had pushed him in an earlier task of Big Boss and also threw away the cotton bags collected by Armaan’s team.

Sofia Hayat’s tough behavior for a small issue could be because of all the struggle she has faced in her life. It seems struggle has made her tougher and stronger.

This would give some courage to lot of Indian women who face similar bullying in their own houses from their very own relatives.

For those who don’t know much about Sofia Hayat, she is a British model cum TV personality. She has worked on multiple Hollywood and Bollywood assignments. She seems to have had plastic surgery, breast enhancements, lip and hip enhancement.

Sofia Hayat is known for attracting media attention by showing off her body assets.

In Bigg Boss she was seen as more of a dumb member who don’t know how to user her own mind. Even the idea for a police complaint against Armaan was given by Kushal Tandon. Other members of the house often used her to meet their ends.

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