Tata Mega Pixel Features and Specifications

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Below are the Features and Specifications of Tata Mega Pixel (Range Extended Electric Vehicle):
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Model Megapixel
Engine Type Electric drive via 4 electric wheel motors, with auxiliary power unit to provide REEV capability
Battery Lithium Ion Phosphate 13 kWh
Battery Charging Inductive charge system or fast charge (80% capability in 30 minutes)
Max Drive Train Output:

Auxiliary Power Unit –
Electric Drive –

22 kW (325 cc single cylinder petrol)
Four wheel motors, delivering 10 kW power at each wheel
Max Torque 500 Nm torque at each wheel
CO2 Emission and Fuel Economy CO2 emissions of just 22 g/km and fuel economy of 100 km/litre under a combined driving mode (as per ECE R101)
Turning Circle Radius 2.8 metres
Length x Width x Height (mm) 3504 x 1673 x 1405
Tyre Size 215/45 R16
Max Speed (km/h) 110
Max Vehicle Range:

Battery Only –
Charge Sustaining Mode –

87 km (NEDC)
Over 900 km


Unique ‘India Global’ exterior and interior design language
Panoramic roof
Light and spacious, elegant interior
Cantilevered seating system
Comfortable seating for four adults
Ergonomic ‘all in one,’ touch screen command centre

Drive system and performance:

Electric drive through four independent in-wheel motors
On-board recharging from auxiliary power unit
Maximum vehicle range of over 900 km, including battery range of 87 km
Optimised weight distribution and All-Wheel-Drive for agile handling
Low rolling resistance tyres

City wise:

‘Hands free’ induction battery charging
Advanced double sliding side door system for easy entry and egress in confined spaces
Compact dimensions and good all round visibility
Zero turn manoeuvrability with park assist system
‘Hands on’ connectivity via in-vehicle display and smart phone
In-car access to your online world
Integrated ‘infotainment plus’ system with control over key vehicle functions and entertainment system

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