Top 6 Tulsi Benefits and Uses

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Tulsi benefits
Tulsi (Holy Basil) has lots of benefits and uses. Out of the Dark (Shyama) and Light (Rama) Tulsi, Dark has more medicinal value. Below is the list of top Tulsi benefits and uses with the methods:

1. Helps prevent fever and common cold: Leaves of Tulsi boiled with tea help prevent cold during rainy season. The also help prevent fevers like Dengue and Malaria.

2. Helps to cure sore throat: Water boiled with Tulsi leaves when consumed helps cure sore throat.

3. Effective remedy for respiratory disorders: Decoction (Kaadha) of leaves with honey and ginger helps cure Bronchitis and Asthama.

4. Helps breaking kidney stones: The juice of leaves and honey when taken regularly for six months can break down and expel stones via urinary tract.

5. Reduces Cholesterol: Chewing around 10 leaves of Tulsi daily helps reduce blood cholesterol and makes heart healthy.

6. Cures mouth ulcers: Chewing few Tulsi leaves cures mouth ulcers.


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