Vandalism, Hooliganism – Dark Side of the Holi Festival

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Holi – The festival of colors is not so colorful as it seems but it is also very dirty. The very slogan “Bura na mano Holi hai!” has created a very wrong notion in the Indian public and has made Holi one of the most hated festivals. People have taken the slogan “Bura na mano Holi hai!” as the right to do any wrong thing without caring about law, order and discomfort caused to others.

Drinking alcoholic beverages has become another nuisance created by Holi. In the name of Lord Shiva people consume alcoholic beverages like bhaang, liquor etc. and then do all the wrong things. Personally we belive Lord Shiva would have never endorsed drinking of bhaang in his name, this linking of bhaang with the name of Lord Shiva is done by enemies of Hinduism. All awakened Hindus should spread awareness about this and ask people to not to consume any alcoholic beverages on any Hindu festival. Infact government should ban consumption of bhaang on Holi.

The recent color poisoning of kids from Mumbai slums is a very dark side of Holi. This shows how dangerous can be Holi if appropriate care is not taken.

Inappropriate behavior with girls is another problem during Holi. Parents need to teach boys of all ages about respect for girls. Respect towards women should not be forgotten during Holi, so that our mothers and sisters can enjoy the Holi to the fullest.

As good Indians and awakened Hindus we should not tolerate any indiscipline during Holi and teach proper way of celeberating Holi to our kids so that their generation does not suffer Holi the way we do but instead enjoy it.

Below are some of the points that should be taken care during Holi:
1) No consumption of alcoholic beverages
2) No use of any chemical colors
3) No use of dirt or mud
4) Only use natural colors
5) Total discipline should be maintained
6) If someone does not want to be colored, he should be given his space
7) Don’t throw water ballons on the people driving on road
8) Don’t throw or spray color at people driving on road
9) Don’t play Holi with unknown people
10) Girls should play Holi only with girls and keep safe distance from boys
11) Don’t put colors in eyes, ears or nose of your fellow holi players

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