What happened to the cute home alone boy Macaulay Culkin?

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The once cute, favourite child of all, Macaulay Culkin is going through hard times it seems. The once cute looking boy is nothing more than a bag of bones now. His childhood loving face is so distorted now that it can easily scare children. He looks like a walking ghost now. If he tries he can easily get ghost roles in movies but he is still surviving on the money and royalty from his childhood stardom days.

News agencies in US suspect that he might be seriously ill. Earlier he had been caught with drugs. One of the famous US magazine published an article titled ‘From Home Alone to Bones Alone’ mocking the bad state of Culkin.

Fans of Macaulay Culkin in Indian sub-continent would be hurt to see the child star in such a pathetic condition.

To see the latest photos of Macaulay Culkin you can visit article From cute Macaulay to Maghouly from NY Post.

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