What will happen to Pervez Musharraf if Nawaz Sharif becomes Prime Minister?

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Pervez Musharraf cursing his destiny
Nawaz Sharif in Confidence

The early results of Pakistan election vote counting are indicating that Nawaz Sharif would again lead Pakistan.
I am wondering what would happen to Musharraf if Sharif’s party is able to form the government without the need of any coalition partner?

For those who don’t know, it was during Sharif’s tenure Musharraf overtook power via coup when Sharif was planning to replace Musharraf with a new General.

Destiny has brought them in front of each other again, this time Musharraf is in jail. The most probable option is that Sharif’s government would hang Musharraf but Musharraf also had that option several years back, so may be Sharif would do what Musharraf did – Forced Exile – Musharraf could be exiled again until next elections.

Pakistan politics is really taking a dramatic turn and could become a good inspiration for a Masala Bollywood movie.

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