Who is Joseph Kony?

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Joseph Kony
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Joseph Kony is the leader of Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). He stands at 9th place in the World’s Most Wanted List published by forbes.

Joseph Kony was born in 1961 in a village named Odek in Uganda. He belongs to the tribe of Acholi people. Kony is son of a farmer. His father was a religious instructor in a Catholic Church and his mother was an Anglican (Anglicans are connected to Church of England).

It is said that Kony has around 60 wives and 42 children.

Initially Kony was belived to be related to Holy Spirit Movement of Alice Auma. Kony’s group was originally called United Holy Salvation Army (UHSA). Kony and his group are involved in an armed movement against the current ruling government of Uganda. Kony is said to kidnap children and force them in war.

World attention switched to Kony in early March 2012 when a thirty-minute documentary titled Kony 2012 by film maker Jason Russell for the campaign group Invisible Children Inc was released. The intention of the production is to draw attention to Kony in an effort to increase United States involvement in the issue.

Below is the video ‘Kony 2012’:

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