Aam Aadmi Party raises the level of politics in Delhi

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Aam Aadmi party not only led congress’s defeat but has also raised the level of politics in Delhi.

For the first time in Indian political history, even after the elections , the two major parties (BJP & AAP) are not getting into the race of power. Rather both are ready to sit in opposition and serve the people and country by playing effective role as opposition party.

This is really a miracle for a politically corrupt country like India.

Whatever may be the future of AAP or anti-corruption movement of India, such events definitely raise hope of people and make the ruling class realize their real value i.e. they are nothing, they should come out of the illusion that winning a election, becoming a minister is enough, they should not forget the purpose.

DesiGoogly’s best wishes with Aam Aadmi Party.

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