Dadagiri (Bossing Around) in Corporate World

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Whatever I have seen in America in last 2 years is giving me lots of thoughts, so I thought I would write something. The corporate world which puts high bar in recruiting educated masses is not as civilized as it seems. Rather I would say that many people in the glass offices are pretty much similar to the street goons who would harass and boss around the ignorant new comers whenever they get chance.

I always thought that real test of a man’s courage and bravery would happen in a battlefield (in the line of fire) but on a closer look I find that modern day offices are no less than battle fields. They test men and women in various ways. Politics is always around. If a client has multiple vendors the scenario sometimes takes dirty turns and all the values and ethics which the corporations have created are flouted openly. The only thing that seems to matter is money or power.

Now talking about what I have seen in America (it must definitely be happening all over the world), they have a contract system in America. Most of the corporations thrive on the work done by contractors, employees mostly do nothing (they are mostly working from home or on vacation or visiting doctor). Many times they would get the work they are supposed to do done by the contractors at their disposal. Some of the corporations here have the system of rotating the contractors i.e. a contractor cannot continue working for a specified period of time. Whenever new contractors join these corporations the employees would threaten them by various tactics to hide their lack of knowledge and to establish a control. I have seen multiple instances of this particular behavior.

I am not saying that there is anything wrong or right here but just want to write and destroy the illusion that suited people in corporations are any different.

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