The story of suspension

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In South Asia suspending government officers by ministers is a very very common thing. This is becoming more common, whenever there is a terrorist attack, natural calamity the government would suspend or transfer government officials as if that would solve the problem and prevent it from happening.

Suspension and Transferring of government officials shows how fake the politicians in South Asia are. They would never accept the responsibility themselves. The truth is that politicians are inefficient, the only thing they are good at is making fake speeches, had they been true leader they would have been able to protect their subjects and if not able to protect them they would at least honorably quit the position and let someone efficient do the work.

I also find same inefficiency in corporate offices where many people with links to senior officers are dancing on the heads of their subjects just because they themselves can’t lead and think criticizing their subjects makes them leader and would solve their problems.

In this matter Japan is a good example where Prime Ministers are suspended more often than government officers. South Asian countries can take learning from Japan and develop a similar system where the leader of the country is held responsible before the government servants are targeted.

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