Dhoom 3 Cut Scenes Deleted Scenes

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Dhoom 3 Cut Scenes Deleted Scenes
Here are the details of all the cut scenes, deleted scenes, cut dialogues or deleted dialogues  by censor board of India for the movie Dhoom 3:


Movie Name : DHOOM 3 (Video)
Movie Language : HINDI
Movie Category : UA (Unrestricted Public Exhibition-But With Parental Guidance)
Certified by Regional Office : MUMBAI
Certificate No. : DIL/2/247/2013-MUM
Certificate Date : 05/12/2013
Certified Duration 172:21 MM:SS
Name of Producer : YASH RAJ FILMS PVT. LTD.
Cut Scenes/ Deleted Scenes
Description Guide
1 Deleted the word “Bloody Indian”(Replaced with ‘You are Indian” 2(xviii)
2 Delete the word “Bloody Retard” (Replaced with “Bloody Idiot” 2(iii)(a)
3 Added disclaimer “The Stunts shown in the film are performed by professionals please do not imitate” the beginning of the film

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