The Dirty Picture Cut Scenes

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The Dirty Picture Cut Scenes
Here are the details of all the cut scenes and dialogues by censor board of India for the movie The Dirty Picture. CBFC deleted 23 dialogues and scenes.

Movie Name : THE DIRTY PICTURE (Video) (Revised)
Movie Language : HINDI
Movie Category : UA (Unrestricted Public Exhibition-But With Parental Guidance)
Certified by Regional Office : MUMBAI
Certificate No. : VIL/VV/2/8/2012-MUM
Certificate Date : 13/02/2012
Certified Duration 136:54 MM:SS
Cut scenes and dialogues
Description Guide
1 Delete the dialogue ‘KAPDON SE JYADA MUH KHULA’.
2 Delete the close visuals of smoking and men and women blurring out smoke. Add Disclaimer about smoking in the beginning and in between the film.
3 Delete the dialogue ‘SILK JAISI LADKIYAN BISTAR …..LAYAK HAI’.
4 Delete the dialgoue ‘LUNGI DHILI HO JAYEGI’.
5 Delete the visuals of girls with men in the song NAKA MULDA….
6 Delete the dialogue ‘4 Button…..’.
7 Delete the dialogue between lady and silk (a) BILKAL BAAP PE GAYA HAI (b) BUS TIL BHAR KA PHARAK HAI ….BAHA TIL HAI’.
8 Delete the dialogue ‘MUJHE JO MAJA RAAT BHAR’, Delete the entire scene of silk and boy and the double meaning dialogue about putting gear ‘DAALNE…..GEAR’.
9 Delete the dialogue ‘RAPE KARNE NAHI’.
10 Delete the close visuals of cleavage of silk when she is on the stage.
11 Delete the board ‘SILK FOREST’.
12 Delete the dialogue ‘KAPDE KUCH PAHENE HAI NA’.
13 Delete the visuals of silk on bed in red dress making in moaning sound.
14 Delete the dialogue ‘TUM TO MUJHE START KARKE CHODOGE’.
15 Delete the dialogue ‘BADA HAI TO JARURI NAHI MITA’.
16 Delete the dialogue ‘KABHI LEFT KABHI RIGHT ….. CENTRE’.
17 Delete the close visuals of cleavages in the song sequence.
18 Delete the dialogue ‘AISI JAGAH KATUNGA ….GHAGRA’.
19 Delete the word ‘PHATGAYI’.
20 Delete the dialgoue ‘USE TO KHUJLI…..CHUPA SAKTE HO’.  
21 Delete the entire scene of man and woman on bed embracing each other and silk making moaning sounds outisde the room.
22 Delete the dialgoue ‘TERI IMARAT BATA RAHI HAI……KAAM KIYA HAI’.
23 Delete the dialogue ‘TERI BIWI KI NIGHT …. LEAK HO GAYI HAI’.

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