Has Congress lost the battle of UP?

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The recent statement of Congress Leader Digvijay Singh saying “If Congress loses in UP, I would be to blame and not Rahul Gandhi”, is a clear indication that Congress has accepted its defeat before the results of UP polls are declared. Now the fight remains between BJP, BSP and SP. It would be interesting to watch who wins UP, the most populated state of the country.

Rahul Gandhi has put lot of effort in UP and his political future depends on the results of UP polls which would be declared on 6th March. The recent statement from Digvijay Singh is a very weak effort to shield Rahul Gandhi from critics and Congress opponents. Infact he has created an embarrassing situation for Congress and Rahul Gandhi.

In recent times Digvijay Singh has created such embarrassing situations for Congress many times by making such comments e.g. his comment on Anna Hazare.

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