Is India responsible for division of United Pakistan?

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India and Indians have repeatedly faced hatred for its role in the creation of Bangladesh. Surprisingly residents of West Pakistan (Modern day Bangladesh) also hate India for its helping role in 1970s. Indians abroad and Indians who have visited Bangladesh would understand this more.

Many groups both in Pakistan and Bangladesh are known to spread hatred against India on similar issues. By this article we intend to create an awareness among the learned masses and youth of Pakistan and Bangladesh that India does not deserve this hate. Had Yahya Khan and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto given Muzibur-Rehman his moral and legal right to lead the United Pakistan as Muzib’s party had won the maximum seats, there would have been no Bangladesh. So the main culprit for division of United Pakistan is not India but the power hungry politicians from Pakistan. If you read history you would realize the division of United India took place on similar issues, the politicians from present day Pakistan demanded more power and authority. This ugly hunger of power showed itself more openly after the creation of Pakistan, till date several leaders from Pakistan have been assissanated or exiled, just for the sake of power.

It is important for the youth of Pakistan to understand that creating thousand wounds on India would not heal their wounds, if they sincerely want to heal their wounds why don’t Pakistan make sincere effort to reunite with Bangladesh? Has any political leader from Pakistan or Pakistani People made any effort to reunite with Bangladesh? Pakistan harming India would not help Pakistan at all, it would only send a message to world community that Pakistanis are irrational and when they are hurt by their own hand, they can go crazy and try to heal themselves by harming others.

Similarly for Bangaldeshis, instead of showing gratitude to India for all the helps, Indians and Hindus are hated. Bangladesh should not forget that India saved Bengali Muslims from ethnic cleansing. If they think India is against Muslims and is benefiting by dividing Muslims, why don’t they reunite with Pakistan, both the countries are very much there where they were before division.

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