Is Khoku Patra The Ramen Girl of India?

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Khoku Patra - The Ramen Girl of India (Image Source:

The current season of Masterchef India is really interesting.  This time of course they have Sanjeev Kapoor (The most popular chef in India) but what caught my attention was the contestant named Khoku Patra. The humble house maid from Delhi. Although she is illiterate in terms of reading and writing, she is exceptional in cooking. While watching the Holi episode of Masterchef 3, I got a better glimpse of Khoku Patra. She was making some dish from Paneer, although some of her teammates criticized her for her focus on that single dish, at the concluding scene the judges appreciated that dish the most.

The way Khoku was working on the Paneer dish reminded me of the story of ‘The Ramen Girl’. Ramen Girl is a story about an American girl who learns to cook amazing Ramens from a Japanese Cooking Master. The Ramens she cook at the end of the story are so amazing that the person who ate them would cry out his emotions. In essence she learnt to put her soul in the food she cooked.

Seeing Khoku cooking reminded me of the same Ramen Girl as if Khoku was putting her soul and heart while making the Paneer dish. I hope she will win Masterchef season 3 if she continues cooking the way she is cooking now.

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