Prakash Raj escapes the deadly accident!

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By Team

Actor-filmmaker Prakash Raj escaped the deadly accident on Tuesday when a bus smashed his car while waiting before the traffic signal in Hyderabad.

Deeply shaken by this incident, he took Twitter to share this misfortune with the following post, “Had a miraculous escape as a bus rammed into us from behind at a traffic signal. Cars jammed. Family thrown out of an auto”. At the same time he expressed his anger on youngsters, further adding “It was terrifying to see the youngsters. Instead of saving people who were lying thrown around, they were busy taking pictures. Shame. More than the shock of a possible death. I’m shaken by this inhuman attitude of people. What’s happened to us? Where are we heading”.

Later, the ‘Entertainment‘ villain consoled his fans by further stating “To one n all pouring concern n love to me. Was shaken for some time. I’m fine now. Thank you for your love. Smile be happy let me relax now”.

Folks, it’s really a high time now! Step forward to help and not to click pictures.


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