The Dictator 2012 Must Watch Movie for May 2012

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The Dictator – upcoming movie of Sacha Baron Cohen is given a 4 star pre-release rating by DesiGoogly. This rating is given based on the trailers and the story of the movie. This is a must watch movie for all comedy lovers.

The Dictator is loosely based on Libya’s ex-Dictator Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussain’s book Zabibah and the King. This movie has an Indian link, the main theme song of the movie is ‘Mundian to bach ke rahi’ by Panjabi MC (Rajinder Singh Rai).

Sacha Baron Cohen plays the role of General Aladeen in the movie. He is the dictator of Republic of Wadiya (inspired from word Libya). General Aladeen likes to have female bodyguards (inspired from life of Muammar Gaddafi) who are capable of breaking stack of bricks with their breasts (watch trailer 1 below). General Aladeen is invited by United Nations to America to deliver a speech (inspired from life of Muammar Gaddafi – Gaddafi was invited by United Nations to deliver speech in New York in September 2009). Movie takes a very hilarious turn after General Aladeen arrives in New York.

Below is one of the funny dialogues from the movie:
“Aah America – The birth place of AIDS”

For those who do not know Sacha Baron Cohen, he is a comedy star from England. He is popular for his performances in Ali G, Borat and Bruno. He looks like Adam Sandler and even capable of speaking English like him with middle eastern accent. Both Adam Sandler and Sacha Baron Cohen are Jews and make comedy movies.

Below are the trailers of The Dictator 2012:

The Dictator Trailer 1:

The Dictator Trailer 2:

The Dictator Trailer 3 – Today Show Appearance:

The Dictator Trailer 4 – Big Game Spot:

The Dictator Trailer 5 – Monkey on the Roller Skates:

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