Is Shahrukh Khan a terrorist or linked to terrorists?

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The recent questioning of Shahrukh Khan by US authroities on his way to Yale University raises serious questions about the credibility of the Super Star. This is not the first time US authorities have questioned him. The reason given by US authorities for questioning Shahrukh Khan is that he was flagged. Well, the question arises why he was flagged? Thousands of Indians visit US daily and why US would flag The Shah Rukh Khan?

The Indian Government and media have responded by criticising US action but we think that is not enough, in addition to that Indian public and SRK’s fans especially also deserve to know why he was flagged? Does US knows something about SRK which Indian intelligence agencies are not aware of?

The question of credibility arises because Indian movie stars and super stars are known to have historical links with Mumbai Underworld. Mumbai Underworld is known to have direct links with terrorists and terror organisations, so nobody would be surprised if a bollywood movie star is found to have links with terrorists.

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